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About Jean-Marc Mercy

If you ask Jean-Marc what he does, his answer might surprise you. He won’t say he’s a recruiter even though he has more than a decade of experience in recruiting for major organizations. He won’t say he’s a teacher even though he is an avid learner who conveys messages that serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring and challenging people with conversations on leadership, productivity, trust, execution and organizational culture. He won’t say he’s an entrepreneur even though he runs a workforce development consulting firm. If you ask Jean-Marc Mercy why God put him on this planet, he’ll tell you, “To bridge the skills and opportunity gap, and enable greatness in people and organizations wherever I am”. And in more than a decade of experience, he’s had lots of opportunity to fulfill that purpose. His work reflects his passion to impact people and organizations and make the world a better place to learn, work and live.

2016 sees the launch of his company after the release of his first book, The Power of Will, Thoughts on Finding Meaning in a Life of Purpose and Service, a collection of personal stories about choices, struggles, opportunity and purpose.

Jean-Marc offers career coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations, and runs the FranklinCovey franchise for Ivory Coast, West Africa.

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